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Strategic Objectives

To achieve its vision and mission, the Strathmore Africa Case Center will seek:


To promote transformative student/participant experience in teaching and learning processes through diverse case studies.

Capacity building

To provide world-class, robust, and value-adding capacity building initiatives locally, regionally and beyond.

Knowledge sharing

To promote knowledge sharing forums and create awareness on the use of cases in teaching and learning processes.


To develop and build partnerships with other Universities and other strategic partners.


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Latest documents published on our site

This are some of the new documents that have been published and available for download.

Luna Export Slaughterhouse Plc.

Open Access

Mr. Tesfallidet Gebru has to make a crucial strategic decision. He was about to call a client in the middle east and inform him that he could not supply the required quantity in his order knowing the risks involved. How do they overcome this supply chain weakness?

S. Wagura Ndiritu, Isaac Kigen, Freddie Acosta
30 May 2024
From “Grass to Grace”: Maasai Kajiado Women Da...

Open Access

The disappearance of the long rains of 2022 yet again meant doom for Maasai Kajiado Women Dairy Cooperative Society’s Chairlady, Mrs. Agnes Tumpes Bene. “The previous year (2021) was good for us because we managed to deliver to new KCC an all-time record high volume of milk of 7.5 million kilog...

Simon Wagura Ndiritu, Sitonik Reuben Olkishoo
30 May 2024
Kennedy Odede – Change for the People by the Peo...

Restricted Access

A poor young man, Kennedy, is almost killed when caught stealing a mango to satisfy his hunger. When Alvin, one of his closest friends, commits suicide due to the frustration of living in poverty, he realizes that if nothing changes, his life and that of his friends will easily be snuffed out. He us...

Loice Wafula, Robert Arasa, Angela Ndunge
30 May 2024
She Leads Isuzu East Africa

Restricted Access

Rita Kavashe is the managing director of Isuzu East Africa, the largest motor vehicle assembly company in Kenya in terms of market share by the time of this case study. Rita has stood out in the world of automobiles. She is relational, caring and effective as seen in how she relates with employees, ...

Faith Njaramba, Angela Ndunge, Henry Onukwuba
30 May 2024

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